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Hunter's Creek Running Club
Orlando, FL
est. 2008

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What time do runs happen with the club? The best time to come if you are unsure is on Wednesday night at 6:30pm at Osprey Park(7pm from May to August) or Saturday morning at 6:15 AM at Hunters Creek Town Hall. These are the anchor meetings, as they are always attended unless rained out, and are the best attended, so there is a better chance that someone will be your pace. 

  • Do some of your groups do run/walk? Yes, we do have members that do a run/walk program.  On Saturday mornings we have a group that does a 3 mile run/walk led by an experienced member, to help newer people get acquainted with the club.

  • Are there other times that you run besides Wednesdays and Saturdays? Yes, there are groups that run every day of the week. One is "5@5" - a group that typically runs 5 miles of distance at 5AM, meeting at the entrance to Osprey Park. (sometimes subject to change) These groups tend to be smaller so be sure to ask to see if the pace and distance are right for you.

  • Do I have to be a member to run with you? No, but we will ask you to sign a liability waiver. It's never mandatory, and we are a very understanding and flexible group, but we'd ask members to consider joining after running three or four times with the club. 

  • How much is club membership? Household annual membership is $30 for one year and includes a "swag" item with the club. In 2015, it is a club towel. The club also has had magnets, and bags in the past. Ask club leadership committee members for details. Family members from the same household may also join for an additional $10 - added to the primary membership.

  • How do I get one of the club shirts? Each year during the club membership drive, new members may order club shirts which are included with the various levels of membership. Sometimes throughout the year we will offer more opportunities to buy shirts. Shirts take 8-10 weeks to receive because of the screen printing process and we only order as many as we need.

  • Where do the club dues go? Our club is a member of the Road Runners Clubs of America  and are a designated non profit 501(c)3 organization under their umbrella.  Our club dues cover our membership in that organization, liability insurance, website costs, and business costs.  Other costs are covered that our board approves such as occasional celebrations, and some of the costs of the anniversary party each year.  At the end of the year our board meets to decide where the remaining club funds go, and we have donated remaining funds to charities each year.

  • Who decides what happens in the club? We have a 13 member board which votes on major decisions of the clubs’ operations.

  • Can I join your Facebook page? You may like our Facebook page, but our Facebook group is closed except to official household members, to protect their privacy, as there is much personal information posted there.  If you would like to join our club you will have access to both.

  • How do I advertise on your site or in your newsletter? Please contact a member of the club leadership.